A translation, how it work?

Sometimes I´ve read: Free translate. There is a standard translation? For instance there is a Cat steven´s song: Morning Has Broken, in a translate appear: Ha amanecido. However would be: La mañana ha llegado. Which one translate I can use? or Both are correct?DeleteEditImport

Words in songs need to fit the tempo of the music. “Morning has broken” has 5 syllables. “Ha amanecido” has 6 syllables, and “La mañana ha llegado” has 8. So “ha amanecido” is much easier to fit to the music, especially if the first two syllables are slurred into one. For a good fit, the syllables with stress should naturally match the beat of the music. I think “ha amanecido” works better with that, too.

I don’t know Spanish, but if Google Translate is to be believed, either phrase would be an acceptable translation. Poems and songs are very difficult to translate because of the constraints of rhythm and rhyme. Their translations are often rather loose interpretations which attempt to capture the feel and overall meaning of the work.

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Great!, Thanks