A thought to the Norwegians

It’s frightening, even in countries which seem peaceful, it occures silly things.

Yes, this is really frightening. I’m feeling with the Norwegians.

Next week I’ll make a trip to Berlin. I guess this is more dangerous than to stay in my small village. But to avoide popular places cannot be the solution …

The man they think organised the bombings has now been arrested. Apparently he is some sort of Christian fundamentalists (if I remember rightly), so I wouldn’t worry if you live elsewhere.

How terribly sad! We lived in central London during the time of the IRA bombings and there was quite a feeling of unease for a while. It is like a loss of innocence for this to happen in Norway, of all places.

@James: I know that the man was from Norway. He was from the right wing as I could read. Such things make me aware that there are no save places. What happened there can happen in other countries as well. When I was a child we had some notorious terrorists in Germany as well.

Vera, I think you’re right. And what’s more, you have these organizations like the IRA who “represent” God, and they go and do these dreadful things. Terrorists in the past from Germany “representing” Germany, “Christian” fundamentalists “representing” Christ, Middle Eastern Islamic radicals “representing” the Middle East, these people are embarrassments and inspire so much hatred among the nations, although I wish so many people didn’t choose to allow the relatively few dangerous lunatics out there to represent a people in their own minds. What do you guys think?
And yes, I agree that it seems to be like a loss of innocence, Susanne.
Hmmm. Sad, sad, sad.

Im very sad. A human life is a human life in the end which carries no nationality , no religion. Only those people can understand what pain is like when they go through it. Losing a family member or close friend is not an easy pain to get over. It takes perhaps years for them to deal with it.

I guess peace and violence goes hand in hand and I think such a trend will continue for many decades to come. I guess that’s how God has meant this world to be.