A thank you and a suggestion!

I noticed that the side bar on my system now takes up pretty much the whole space on the side. I did notice the change, and I much appreciate it. =)

There’s still a tiny gap between the side bar and the larger window it’s contained within–I don’t think that gap is particularly necessary or useful, but at least it’s a negligible issue now. Still a massive improvement and much more usable than before.

As for the suggestion… my phone is a relatively cheap Android device that didn’t come with much internal memory and this app is taking up FAR more space than anything else I’m running. Would it be possible to have the option to move the downloaded audio files and lessons and such to the SD card I installed? There’s TONS of space on that. It’s basically how I watch Netflix videos on my phone if you want to see an example of how that works. Huge amounts of data, but it’s not taking up internal memory that is much more stretched.

Another thought–less important for me, but it would still be nice–is to see a list of which Lingqs show up most often in my lessons. I thought I’d make some flashcards of the most frequently used words in my lessons to really nail those home, but then I realized that I can’t seem to find a way to figure out which ones those are except by “noticing” that certain words show up more than others.

Thanks for listening!

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