A "text only" area in the Library?

This is not something we will do now.

However, is there any interest in a “text only” area in our Library. I often import long texts of books from various Russian sites. This is quite time consuming. I could easily share this with others, and would appreciate havig others load content that I could use. However, at present at LingQ we only allow people to share content with attached sound files.

I often buy an audio book to go with the text of the book I have imported. If I share and imported text, I can advise people about where to get the audio book.

We are allowed to use Wikipedia. There are other good sources for texts that we could import and share. Maybe native speakers could record these and upload the unit again and put it in the main Library with all the content that has a sound file attached. In other words the text only content area would only have content with no sound files.

We would have to be careful about copyright issues, of course.

Any thoughts?

If you had an “only text area” I could agree - the same with an “only sound area”
BUT I prefer to have both how it is in LingQ now.

I’m not sure this is a good idea. The great thing about the LingQ library is the sound+text feature. Allowing text only uploads could put this into risk, since is far easier to find text without sound around there, and its very likely that we end up with a text-only area much bigger than the text+sound one. I believe this could cause a lot of frustration, because people are going to see interesting material and feel angry because that item doesn’t have the sound.

I agree Ana, I had a sleep over this idea and come more and more to the point you have written:

“…the risk to have more and more without sound is too high and exactly that is the great thing in LingQ…”

I agree too! The great benefit is the combination of sound and text.