A text a day in Russian

I’ve just sent the 20th text a day in Russian- ДЕНЬ ЗА ДНЕМ.
The students who are learning Russian can find here the scenes of the daily life in Russia or some Russian estimations of the international events.
Here is the link to the collection

Спасибо, Евгений ! Коллекция очень интересная.

Merci Miss Take!
Je voudrais donner quelques impressions de la journée, mais aussi racconter de les traditions de la Russie.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to follow these notices every day also in the future, but till now I’ve already made 28 texts, and I like doing them.
For example today I’ve sent the text about my cat Cusya with a title - ‘Animals in the house’ or in Russian: ЖИВОТНЫЕ В НАШЕМ ДОМЕ.
I hope it will be interesting for all Russian learners who like their pets.