A suggestion for the writing area = edit-function for tutors

My suggestion is, to have this function for the tutor in view of the fact that sometimes in the writing could be a misunderstanding or another point that could be clarified after checkback.
Maybe there is also nor a typo.

If the tutor had this possibility both, tutor and member, could bring the writing in a good and correct final result.

The correctors have a complete editing capability. If there are areas that are not clear, which may often be the case, the tutor can guess or simply say that the meaning is unclear in a note and continue correcting. The tutor cannot check with the student for every thing that is unclear.

The student could then schedule a one on one with the tutor to discuss and explain. The student can edit his or her own corrected version in the Import section. I do not see any other possible solution to this situation.

Thanks for that Steve, but in the point of “The student can edit his or her own corrected version in the Import section” I cannot agree with you.
When I go in the edit function and want to do anything, the format is distroyed and I get the notice:
error…more than 300 words cannot … (I never know exactly the sentence) then I can never work with.

For me the only possibily is to take the writing in a word document, there I bring in my edit and then I give it in Import as NEW content.

Perhaps I do anything wrong, and it would be interesting for me to hear how other members work here.

Nothing wrong with you Irene, I think or we’re both in that case. This seems to occur sometimes. I have already edited an imported content for whatever reason without problems yet last Sunday the error appeared. I therefore clicked on my text edited to copy it then recreated the content. I just had to paste my previous text and saved it. It’s not complicated to do, but not straighforward though. If this error can be resolved it would be perfect :slight_smile:

There is a new bug that is causing you to receive the error message. Normally, you are able to edit a content item. This bug has been fixed and will be uploaded to the server at the end of today (Pacific Time).

Sorry for the inconvenience, ladies!

Was it indeed uploaded yesterday? I still see EnglishLingQ podcast 192 and others with negative values…

I’m sorry, I was talking about the bug with the Import section, not the problem with negative values. That bug has not been fixed yet.

The negative values are proving to be a more troublesome bug than we thought at first. The negative values have now been replaced by 0’s which is also not correct. We will fix this issue some time next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.