A suggestion about corrected writings

I is very nice to have the possibillity for bringing the writings on the WorkDesk with one click. Then I have the corrected writing for learning.

Only I can not more see, where my mistakes has been and on what I have to give my focus at first.

My suggestion would be, to underline the parts they are in green in the corrected version. The colour disappear by the transfer but the underlined words would be resistent.


One thing we could do is to bring back the possibility to individually “LingQ” the corrected words from the corrected writing report, before Importing the report. I would not favour underlining things in the Workdesk.

It is not likely that we will get to this in the near future. I wonder, though, how much interest there would be in this refinement.

I thought it would be better to see what was wrong and on what I have to be more careful. This was the reason for doing this.

The other suggestion you had - I cannot imagine how does that work.
I think I will help me myself :slight_smile:


You can have the writing report open in another tab to see where your mistakes were. We are not going to underline text in the workdesk.

If you have trouble remembering where your mistakes were, it could be useful to create LingQs directly from the writing report so, you have them in your list of LingQs to learn. But if there is no interest in this we will not do it. In any case, these are refinements that we are not going to address until we have a number of other more important things working well.

I think I could get more excited about having the create LingQ button in the forums. It would be nice to be able to pick up new words from forum posts that don’t really have enough unknown words to be worth importing and studying.

Or a button to import a forum post with one click.

But they would only be on my “nice to have” list, not my “aargh! I’m tearing my hair out over this!” list.

Thanks Steve,
that is what I’m doing at the moment - open LingQ two times and then work parallel.

I think my idea is more important for me because I see my many mistakes from whom I have to learn. When I will have a higher level it is not more important - I hope it will be soon, I give my best.