A speed reading website that makes a good LingQ partner

I found a speed reading website that makes a good LingQ partner… I think. I just started using it so I am not sure, but I`ll put this out there for others to look at. HugeDomains.com

I am usually not a fan of speed reading exercises if you are reading mainly for extrinsic purposes, pleasure, to find information etc. But if you need motivation to just practice reading, which occurs often in foreign language, I like the following website. You just copy paste the text in and there are very easy tools on the side. It works for Japanese too if you copy paste with spacing included.

I just tried it and got a bit confused, something that happens to me easily. I shall play with it later again! Thank you for this nice llittle nerdy thing. I once attended a weird speed-reading weekend… this brought it all back.

Speed reading is totally difficult for me T_T
im the slow reading kind. word by word.
otherwise nothing i can understand.
that’s also one of reason why i don’t like novel i guess D:
but since finishing school stuff, now i can just read what i like to read :slight_smile:

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I usually have very little patience with confusing interfaces, this is one that is fine for me

What I have found is that it helps you get over the psychological barrier of the “wall of text” feeling when starting to read. It allows you to plow through difficult text more easily which can be a challenge for me sometimes. It does not help you understand the text better but it facilitates the first step on the road to understanding.

Wall of text or sea of words, either can be daunting. I shall test this for a week or so.

My first impression (Day 1) : I don’t like it when the text vanishes from view. It find it unsettling in a way.

Thanks for the link. Good for reading while rowing!

or doing sit-ups :slight_smile:

You guys are making me feel dizzy. I shall persevere, though. Through all this I have found out that I am still a comparatively fast reader, even in FLs. Nice!