A shortcut for rewinding the audio

Hey everybody and Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you guys but since having learned some keyboard shortcuts here on LingQ my productivity on the website has improved significantly.

However, there’s still one thing I have to do with the mouse: rewind the audio five seconds. Especially in Chinese where I’m still a beginner I have to rewind the audio many times throughout one lesson because there are so many things I don’t understand yet and I have to use the mouse every time.

I think it would be a good idea to introduce a shortcut for rewinding the audio five seconds.

What do you guys think?



I’d like a shortcut possibility for rewinding the audio a few seconds. I often want to hear sentences in Russian lessons a few more times.

Yes, I think this is an excellent suggestion. Pushing the back arrow to go back 5 seconds would be very useful.

Back arrow is a good idea. Could we extend it slightly?

Before listening to the replay I usually want to say the words out loud myself first. Then listen to the replay.

So maybe pressing the back arrow first time would just stop the audio. This allows you to say the words yourself. Pressing it a second time replays the audio.

If you don’t want to say the words yourself, just press back arrow twice.

Very good suggestion, I was wondering the same while working !

I agree, and I’d like an option to change the re-wind to 3 seconds (or any other value), because if the speech is fast, 5 seconds is often too much.

Thanks for your feedback, guys! It’s nice to see that so many of you agree.

LingQ team, is there any way we can make this happen?

On the subject of audio controls: a volume control might be needed. Some of the recordings have really low levels, so you need to turn the volume right up to be able to hear. This is bad in itself, but it can also make the TTS far too loud. I’ve had to turn off ‘auto-play TTS’ to deal with this. Either all the audio files need to be automatically normalised, or as I said, a volume control should be added.

I would like to see that feature, too. Great idea :slight_smile:
The “back” button is reserved for the browser command “move a site backwards”, though, so the shortcut would have to be another key.

Speaking of audio files, it would be great if there was a way to mark where we last stopped listening to one. With longer texts, I don’t listen to all of it at once and finding the right spot again is such a hassle. Ideally, it would remember the position just like it does with the written texts.

Yes, that would be great! But for the time being you could write down the time as it is given above the time bar.

Yes, I could do that, but I honestly keep on forgetting about it.

Some great feedback in this thread! Thanks! We will see what we can do about a rewind shortcut. @davidcarter - the space bar stops the audio already so you may want to try that.

Volume levels are a tricky issue but we will look into that as well. And, we have some improvements coming that should improve the ability to isolate sections in the audio files. Stay tuned!

Awesome, Mark! Thanks for your efforts!

I agree this would be super useful. Any update on the progress of this shortcut? Thanks! :slight_smile:

We have some significant changes coming later in the month. This will be one of those updates.

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