A short video for lovers of art and language

This is a 3.5 minute video (German with English subtitles), featuring Marina and Irina Fabrizio, two sisters who paint together. Amazing colours, amazing paintings and an amazing command of German.

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Great video, great interview. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Do they speak German with a Russian accent?

They speak German with an accent. But I don’t know what their native language is. They were born in Kazakhstan.

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We can assume it is a near-Russian accent, but they sound lovely. A very soft accent.

I suppose that speaking German with a Russian accent is very lovely.
I don’t know if Chulpan Khamatova spoke German with a Russian accent in the German film GOODBY LENIN!.
Good Bye, Lenin! - Wikipedia!

I had the same question when I was watching this video.
But how did you train your ears in Japan to recognize Russian accent in German? :wink:

I’m not sure that they have a Russian accent. The language in Kazakhstan is the Kazakh language. This language is not a Slavic language. It belongs to the Turkic languages. You can read about it here: Kazakh language - Wikipedia

I’ve a colleague and her native language is Russian. Her accent differs from the accent of the sisters. The Russian accent sounds “harder” to me (emphasizing the consonants too much). I cannot explain it better in English. The accent of the sisters is softer.

I suppose they spoke Russian in Kazakhstan. People умут with asian faces speak Russian there, their president speaks Russian very well.
I was just very surprized hearing their Russian-like accent and intend to ask about a region in Germany where they speak with such accent :wink:
But they have told than about Kazakhstan what made everything clear for me. But I must say their accent is not so rough as some people from ex-USSR may have.

I agree that their accent is particularly lovely and I also think that it has the Russian speech melody. On the other hand, I don’t know how purely Kazakh-speaking women sound in German.

My Russian friend Elena assures me that the girls are Russian, even if they lived in Kazakhstan for some time. In any case, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that they are inspirational.

I have seen different people from Kazakhstan in Germany. It doesn’t matter if thay European or Asian faces had, we spoke Russian, standard Russian. It was impossible to recognize if they from Moscow, St. Petersburg or from Kazakhstan were.

I have being working in Essen in the same room with a man from Frankfurt. Some weeks later a new employee came from Bavaria, his parents had come to Bavaria from Uzbekistan when he was 8. I guess it was a family of German nationality lived in the USSR’s republic of Uzbekistan where they spoke Russian. That family still speaks Russian at home.
The man from Frankfurt could hear the Bavarian accent (with the special Bavarian R sound) but me and my Polish collegue could hear the Russian accent in German.

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