A Request for Importing Contents in the Native Language

I am importing contents in my own native language recently. Everytime I import contents, they show up on the workdesk. Since I am free member, I have only 5 contents space available. They are usually full for my English study. I think it is nice if you could find a way they do not show up on the workdesk someday. Thank you.

Good point Emma. I cannot promise that we can address it right away, but we will come up with something. Thanks for you wonderful Japanese content.

I will be patient. Please do not ask me how I am doing on my English study :slight_smile:

Well done, Emma!

I enjoy your Japanese content very much after Steve told me. I should have clicked into Forum earlier.

I don’t know if here’s the right place to post because here’s Open Forum on LingQ. But I think it’s better than starting a new thread in Open Forum in English to show my gratitude.

In the end, good luck with your English:D

Thank you, ping0726! I am very happy to hear that you enjoy my contents :slight_smile: You made my day!