A question touching the vocabulary-function, Frage zur Vokabel-Funktion

i was playing around with the different functions in the vocabulary-learning-section and changed the zone “vocabulary” to “phrases only”. No Problem so far, but it is not possible (for me) to turn this setting back. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

ich habe versch. Funktionen auf der Vokabel-Lern-Seite ausprobiert. Das Feld “Vokabeln” änderte ich auf “nur Ausdrücke” lernen. Dies war kein Problem, aber ich kann die Einstellung nicht mehr rückgängig machen. Kann mir irgendjemand helfen? Vielen Dank.

Hi Simona,
Hmm, that’s strange, you should be able to enable/disable “Show Phrases Only” option by clicking on that button anytime you want. Are you saying that after you enable that option, you are not able to disable it later? It doesn’t work if you click on the same button again?

Hello Zoran,
thank you for your response. You are right, that was the case, but after I closed the computer down in the evening, and started it up again, the Problem was solved. Thanks again.

Great, I am glad to hear that. Happy learning!