A question about vocabulary

I should have a question about vocabulary.
The words what I saved in the vocabulary list, there the words will disappeared automatically if my status 4(known)? or I have to delete if I’m ready?
I learnt the vocab with flashcards and I got points and my known-words increased but in the vocabulary list there are those words what i already know.
I looked for the answer in FAQ-s but I haven’t found it.

I don’t dare to delete the words until I don’t know the answer.

Thank you for your reply!

@Nikca91 - When you move a saved word to status 4 it is added to your Known Words total. The word also appears with a gray underline in lessons instead of with a yellow highlight. We don’t recommend removing words that you have saved, as it is not uncommon to forget words that you think you know. This way you can always just click on the word again to see your original hint and phrase for it.

If you delete words they will be moved to your “Ignore” pile, which means that they’ll be totally removed from your statistics and won’t show up with any highlight.

On the Vocabulary page, you can use the filters on the right hand side to sort your words. What you might want to do is deselect the 4 in the status bar on the far right. This will then hide any status 4 words you have.

Thank you for your help! By then it doesn’t matter if I can see the words what i know:-) I realized the gray underline but I didn’t know what it means. I just worried that there are limit to save there the words because I’m not premium member.

@Nikca91 - Glad to hear my answer helped :slight_smile: As a Free member, there is a limit on the number of words you can save. If you upgrade to Basic, Plus or Premium, you’ll be able to save an unlimited number of words. You can adjust your membership level at any time, so I might recommend upgrading for a month to see how you like it!

Thank you! well…it would be great to become a basic or premium member but I’m student and I have no job that’s why I cannot allow to myself at the moment.Perhaps if I go back to my summer work :slight_smile: Until then, there is no other choice …to delete if I have no place to save :-/ I think I’ll meet with those words in an other lesson what I deleted and next time I’ll know. It’s my fault but thank you! you’re kind! :slight_smile:

Sure thing, let me know if you have any additional questions about the site :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile: Thank you so much!