A question about free account


i have created an account on this website 2 months ago and this is the number one discovery for me this year. however, i am still using the free account because i havent yet figured out if i want to learn the languages the old way (book, paper and pencil) or the lingq way.
my question is wether it is possible to have a free account and have the translation on the right side when you are learning the lessons. i am asking this because few moments ago the system stopped showing me the translation on the right side when i press on a blue word. and the system wants me to upgrade the free account to premium in order to have the translation of the words. i thought that this feature of translation is unlimited and the premium feature gives other fancy learning tools.

thank you in advance for any helpful information on this matter.

What is the LingQs limit?
Every time you save a word or phrase you are creating a LingQ. Free accounts can only create 20 LingQs. Once you hit this limit you must upgrade your account in order to create more. Premium members may create an unlimited number of LingQs.

do the words i mark as ’ i know this word’ count into linq limit ?

@sensimas - No, you’re free to mark as many words as known as you like. When you reach the LingQs limit you will no longer be able to interact with blue (new) words until you upgrade your account or increase your limit by inviting friends.

@sensimas, I recommend you giving it a try. If you don’t like it after a month you can always down grade to free again. The paid for account in definitely worth it in my opinion but everyone one has there likes and dislikes. I really like the convenience of being a member and wish I would have started a long time ago. The targets they have here are great too for motivation.