A question about changing status of LingQs on iLingQ

When I read a text on iLingQ, on m iPad, I try to move the status of my LingQs up. I want to change my dark yellow words into lighter colour yellow LingQs every time I look at them. I automatically change the status from 1 to 2 and then 3. I don’t move the status to 4 unless I know the word.

I do the same on Flash Cards. In fact I use the changing of the status of Flash Cards on order to move on to the next card, since I have the term, meaning and phrases all on the front of the card. I will change status from 2 to 3 and then back to 2 in order to keep going through the deck, but don’t go to 4 until I know the word.

When reading on my iPad, however, changing the status does not automatically close the dictionary window that slides into my text. I would like to have a change in status of a LingQ automatically close the sliding dictionary window, so that I don’t have to close it with my finger.

What do other people think?

I think that I do not have iPad :))
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I would be very much in favor of having this option. One of the minor annoyances of reading on the iPad LingQ app is having to close the window every time you touch on a word even if you’ve already changed it’s status. If it could be a setting that could be changed, that would probably be best. It would satisfy everyone.

I believe you use the app in a similar way to me. I don’t worry so much about doing flashcards all the time or how my words are classified (1,2,3…). I just want to make lots of LingQs so as I read again and again I can touch on them and remind myself of the meaning. I’m less concerned about my known words count being accurate (it isn’t at all).

I agree Steve, that sounds like an improvement. Thanks for LingQ man there’s really no substitute.