A problem with the Ling Q higlight feature

Alright well i was reading the story of Pinocio (pardon my spelling).

I encounter a word lets say the word is Diranno, I highlight it and it gives me the meaning of the infinitive. It does not give me the meaning of the Diranno but of its infinitive “Dire”.

It doesn’t do me much good when im reading a story to get the infinitive and not the meaning of the word istself, not its infinitive. IS there any updated version or is this all i got?

I think it’s difficult for the dictionary to know exactly what the meaning of the word might be in any given case, but a hint like “gerundium”, “subjunctive” et.c. would probably be helpful enough. In Russian (one of the languages I study), words appear in numerous forms and I just have to realize that it’s the way Russian works, and that I have to accept them. Eventually things will get easier. So, after you have saved a lot of words like “diranno” (possibly with -anno ending?) you may get a feel for what that particular thing means, and not have to save each and every new verb.

RickyRicardo: wordreference.com gives you the tenses and some extra info like conjugation tables and examples. you just scroll all the way down to other references and click on the wordreference link.

… that way you can put the correct tense in your own user definitions/hint.