A. P. Tchehov. (А.П.Чехов) Have you ever read?

Hello, everyone!

I`m starting a projet for my university and I need your help.
The theme of my work is “Perception of texts of Tchehov by foreigners. Problems of adequacy of transfer”
If you ever read its stories, write your impression about them, please!


I have read a few plays by Chekhov. I enjoyed them. I have always disliked having to explain or analyze what I read. I just read and enjoy, and interpret what I read the way I want. Sorry I cannot help.

I, too, read and saw a few plays in English and German. All I remember that I enjoyed them, whether drama (Drei Schwestern; Onkel Wanja) or comedy: my son appeared in a college production of The Cherry Orchard years ago. I obviously liked it very much. At the moment I’m reading Дама с собачкой, it’ll take a while to get through! I am only pleased that I manage to recognise some of the humour and a great power of description in the story. (I haven’t gone far beyond the first pages. I shall have to look for it on LingQ. It would be so much easier on here.)

Sanne, do you know that you can find all of Chekhov on the internet and import the texts into LingQ.