A new Youtube polyglot?

Has anyone seen this dude before? He seems like a very accomplished polyglot with some quite interesting learning ideas. He speaks Italian, Sicilian, English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Greek.

He says that Italian and Sicilian are his native languages, but judging by his absolute command of British idiomatic English and his accent, I would bet my last pair of shoes that he spent time in the south-east of England as a child - possibly the child of an immigrant family?

An impressive guy!

Very impressive! This man focusses on speaking the language beginning with every day situations of his life. I’d like to know what is Steve’s opinion on this method.

He is brilliant! I was smiling when he was talking about repeating all those words in your languages. I often go around the house speaking random things in German / French / Urdu / Italian / Welsh / Mandarin. I think I drive my husband crackers sometimes. I think I’ll be following this guy. I love hearing from polyglots. His Mandarin accent is incredible too! I wonder how distinct Sicilian is from Italian? … off I go on a trip to wikipedia…

I believe Sicilian is as different from standard Italian as (say) Spanish?

Metatron? Raffaello? Of course I know him. He’s mostly famous for his videos about ancient weapons, armor, etc. His is not a “polyglot” channel.
He’s a nice guy and has interesting material in his channel but his “name what you eat” learning strategy doesn’t really impress me.

It’s a different language to be sure and it happens to have some Spanish influence, btw! But It’s definitely closer to standard Italian than Spanish is.

If you want some review about his language skills: yes, he’s good. His Latin is nice to hear. His Spanish and English are wonderful. His French leaves a lot to be desired but it’s understandable (he definitely should learn that “vidéo” is a feminine word!!!)
I only know very basic Japanese but he really seems to speak it well for the little I can judge

He admits himsels that his (modern) Greek is at beginner’s level and that he can speak more readily about ancient gods and battles than he can order a meal

I’d say that Sicilian is to Italian as Schwäbisch or Bayrisch is to Hochdeutsch

Coincidentally, I just subscribed to him a few days ago and have watched a lot of his videos since. To my knowledge, he has lived in England but not as a child; I think he moved there to study. He’s also a professional linguist and an orientalist, and has lived in Japan for quite some time studying Japanese history.

unrelated question but how do you explain that so many polyglots’ level of French happens to be quite bad? I can only think of Luca Lamp and Steve who speak great French.

btw I always say “un vidéo” just like trampoline will forever stay feminine in my mind

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“…but judging by his absolute command of British idiomatic English and his accent, I would bet my last pair of shoes that he spent time in the south-east of England as a child…”

Thank you. I think you could be right because he said, in French, that “…when I lived/stayed in Manchester…”.

I’ll definitely try his method - with Russian.

Thank you for sharing!

Then maybe he speaks Quebecois?

it’s French. You wouldn’t say that someone speaks Mexican

Je sais! C’était juste une blague

That’s interesting. I didn’t detect any Manchester accent. If he hadn’t told me his first langauge was Italian, I would have thought he was a British native speaker from somewhere between South-East London and the coast. (Not that I’m an expert in accents…)

Wow, a YouTube polyglot that is authentic for once!


Spoken Quebecois isn’t French.

Not only an accomplished polyglot but a linguist, weapons expert and fantastic musician. He makes me feel like i waste a lot of time. Very smart guy.

I think it’s clear that he’s not native but his accent is very good.