A new word in the vocabulary area

I wanted to add a new word and wrote it in the line for “Import”
On the index card, the word was written in capital letters, even I wrote them in small letters, but on the index card, the word was written in capital letters.

I tried to correct the word on the index card, it wasn’t possible. After “save”, the word was in capital letters.

The word is “briar”

I deleted the word and wrote it of new, again with small letters. The word was written in capital letter after that on the index card.

How can that be?

Hello Irene, you might have to wait a bit for a reply from Support - Canada is having a long week-end (I think they are celebrating my birthday). On the other hand, someone on the forum might have the answer, in which case I shall have to stand corrected :)) Hope you are very well!

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Am I right that you have birthday? If yes, my best wishes and all the best for you!

I am well, thanks!


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This is actually a long standing issue. It seems to affect certain words, and looks to be based on what case was used when the word was first saved to the database. The system doesn’t want to consider “the” “The” and “THE” as all different words with different user hints, and it doesn’t always know which case to use in each scenario so it defaults to the one that was first used. This is something that we are aware of, though it isn’t really a quick fix as it requires significant changes to the database. Hopefully this helps explain why this is the case!

OK, thanks Alex. Hopefully it can be fixed one day. To make corrections on the index cards is mostly not possible! Unfortunately.