A new suggestion for LingQ

Hey, I have a suggestion to add it on LingQ, Why you dont create a page that can members add in it songs and music from their countries and can be downloaded. That will be like exchange cultures and traditions. I think this is a nice idea, What do you think?

Hmm what about the legal issues?

There is nothing to prevent you from importing and sharing songs with lyrics in the Library. However, as davidmachin says, make sure the songs aren’t protected by copyright.

yes mark is right. Songs are legal. What do you think Mark, is this is a nice idea. And are you thinking of adding it?

We can create posts in the respective forums with links to Youtube songs. we can make sure we include the lyrics so it can be a much more interesting experience for the student! :slight_smile:

You can add anything you like as imported content as long as you include the text and audio and it is copyright free.

That is not quite what Mark said,malekdemachkieh. He said the the person sharing the songs in our library needs to make sure that they are free of copyright. Some lyrics,and some renditions of songs are, and some are not, free of copyright.

But I think that if there is a special page for this it will be awesome

ah yes i understand you Steve. yes you are right

Many songs are protected by copyright unless they are very old or traditional. You need to check first. You need to ask for permission from the composer, lyricist or the party who holds the copyright. Just an FYI, you also need to note on your blog if you have borrowed from other people’s blogs-as a courtesy.

I like this Idea! even if you can’t download the song if people can recommend artist and beautiful songs that will be awesome! I remember back when I first move to USA practicing my english in this way. I would write down the words to my favorite songs and learn them by heart so If I heard the same word or expression again I already knew what it meant! it is an awesome Idea!
I will really like for people from France to recommend some good songs and artist and movies etc. It would help a lot with my learning!

I think it is nearly impossible to get permission for uploading new songs. In Germany we have to wait 70 years after the death of all people who are involved in a song or a book before it is free. Or you have to have the permission of all involved people.

It is possible for songs under a common license (but not a non-commercial licence!). You have to read the licence carefully. But most of these songs are not very popular.

I think that there are two solutions.

  1. to compose your own songs (with piano or guitar, etc) to upload them.
  2. to put the address (URL) of You tube or of other sites in order to let everyone know good music.

I have a collection of my own music which I have ever played in front of public but I cannot upload them without permission of composers…