A new phone call on the Ukraine: Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton

So now, we have a phone call showing that the EU knows that those were stool pigeons of the opposition, who killed protestors in the Ukraine by sniper shots.

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I haven´t read enough about the situation in Ukraine to make a qualified comment, so I´ll act like I´m swiss for now.^^

I always strongly suspected it was the fascists who were killing people in Kiev - i.e. people on both sides of the protests.

(Those dreckiger Abschaum will stop at nothing to advance their cause - it is utterly shameful that the EU is making common cause with them, IMO.)

The problem is believe to be Ukrainian or Russian is more important than being a person. The Russian minority has the right to self-determination. States are something artificial that can be modified for the benefit of people. The intolerance people on both sides of the protest is exploited for Russia and United States to their advantage.

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Seeing the issue between these two regions of the Ukraine as simply a linguistic one or a matter of self-identification/culture is an oversimplification.
The Eastern part generates more than 80% of the country’s GDP as all the industry is there. It’s also interested in saving its industry and workplaces.
Many families in the donated Western part are supported by the family members who work abroad. Hence those from the West of Ukraine want a simpler access to the labor market of the EU and don’t really care if this same integration process will cost workplaces in the Ukraine itself since those are in the Eastern part anyway.

The fate of Russia is constantly expanding its borders. However in these circumstances Russia has big reason, in Crimea and eastern Ukraine Russians are majority, if they in free referendum choose to be part of Russia I think it’s fine. Russia would take the richest areas of Ukraine and the Ukrainians do not want to lose. But what do will? Ukraine will keep by force the Russians within Ukraine?