A new LingQ Membership level


Sometimes I want to take a break from LingQing (saving words and phrases) and get tutoring (Speaking and writing) only.

But, if I downgrade to Free membership and buy points, it seems a little expensive to me, especially since our currency (the Japanese yen) is so weak against the U.S. dollar just now.

I could stick to Premium Plus membership and get tutoring (without LingQing), but I feel like that is not the best deal either.

I’d appreciate it if you would set up a new membership exclusively for Exchange lessons (Speaking and writing) .

Thank you.

“How does the Points Discount work?
The undiscounted price of points is $20 for 1000 points. Paying accounts will get a discount of 50% and will pay $10 for 1000 points.”

If you spend more than 2,000 points a month, you might want to continue the paying membership. Ten dollars as a membership fee and another ten dollars for 1,000 points equals twenty dollars. That is, you pay 20 dollars for 1,000 points. Ten dollars as a membership fee and twenty dollars for 2,000 points equals thirty dollars. That is, you pay 30 dollars for 2,000 points. On the other hand, if you spend less than 2,000 points a month, you should downgrade your membership to FREE and pay the “undiscounted” price of twenty dollars for 1,000 points. But I don’t think you feel happy about the pricing policy of this sort.

Hi Yukiko. Thanks for the suggestion but we are unlikely to do this simply because there is very little demand for this kind of membership, and every change we introduce, however small it seems, does involve quite a bit of work. We have so many things we are trying to do, to achieve different objectives, that we have to resist taking on new idea, even a good idea, that doesn’t fit our plans. Sorry we can’t accommodate you.

If you wanted to, I would be delighted to speak with you or anyone who wishes to speak English. I’m a native who can correct general mistakes but I’m probably not as experienced as our lingq tutors. I’d just be the extra exposure for when your Tutor points run out. There wouldn’t have to be any exchange. We can just converse in English, assuming that is your target language.