A new interactive game for learners of Chinese (Into the haze)

I have just seen a post about a newly released game ‘Into the haze’ on hackingchinese.com
“In a post-apocalyptic world, you have to go into a fallen city covered in a poisonous haze to find your missing brother.”

It’s intended for learners of Chinese:
"I think games have huge potential for language learners. This is true of most games, even if the games themselves have nothing to do with language learning, but it’s even more true for games that are designed with that in mind.

Into the Haze is such a game. Like it’s predecessor, Escape, it’s a text adventure game for Chinese learners. In short, think of it as an interactive graded reader. You can read or listen to the text, make your choice about how to proceed and the game will develop differently depending on what you choose. If you make bad choices, perhaps because you didn’t fully understand the options, you might fail and will have to try again."

It says the content is about 13000 characters long, contains about 600 unique characters, mostly HSK level 1-4 vocabulary, and should provide around 3-8 hours of “gameplay”. There is both text and audio and a built-in dictionary.

I’m just about to go try it, will see how it goes.

Read more at Into the Haze: A new text adventure game for Chinese learners | Hacking Chinese | Hacking Chinese
There’s a YouTube video that explains the concept.

Link to the game at wordswing https://wordswing.com/cards/text-game

Edit: I have just tried the game and found out it is free to try for up to 10 decisions, upon which you are asked to become a backer of wordswing (the developer), now discounted at $3/month. The game itself is interesting enough for me so I will back them at least with that one payment to finish the game. Plus there is the old game Escape and new ones to come roughly every 6 weeks.


Awesome, thanks for the post. Really appreciate someone posting about these sort of things. A fun new way to learn a language.