"A Mouthful of Air"

I was just wandering if any of you have ever read “A Mouthful of Air” by Anthony Burgess. I had wanted to read it for ages but had trouble finding it, I think it may be out of print. If so this is a real shame because it is very interesting and entertaining. The first half is about languages in general, the second half is on English and the many varieties of English. AB worked in several countries as a teacher and he has lots of interesting ideas. He also reveals how he worked dubbing American films into Italian.
If you aren’t a native speaker of English, it might be tough going, however if you are or your English is very competent I would really recommend it:)

Anthony Burgess

Is his real name John Burgess Wilson?

It seems readily available as an ebook from Amazon, Sony and Barnes and Noble: http://www.amazon.com/A-Mouthful-of-Air-ebook/dp/B002HMBVUM

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YutakM, I looked on Wikipedia and you are right, that was his real name. I always knew him just as Anthony Burgess.

skyblueteapot, well done for finding it. I have no experience of ebooks. You have to pay for them, yes? I read in the paper something about if you buy an ebook, you can’t lend it to anyone else, they have to buy their own version, that is, if it’s a specific “kindle e-book”. But there are many books freely available on the internet, like project gutenburg, and a great many books are available in Russian on the internet it seems. Sorry this is a bit incoherently expressed. The question is: If you buy a kindle, can you view “free content” on it? Or just their specific “kindle e-books” that you have to pay for?

This is important, because reading a long novel from the computer screen is not so much fun. You can print them out but this is expensive. I’ve also heard that the kindle has a special screen that reduces eye strain.
If anyone could enlighten me on these issues I would be most grateful:)

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