A modest proposal

I think LingQ is really missing something. Often while reading a sign or the local commuter magazine, I come across a word that I really need to study. But, darn! I have to haul out a device of some sort and then actually enter the word somewhere.

What LingQ needs is a some kind implanted device so that word-like objects can be grabbed directly from the retina and sent directly to the database. with a phrase and hint

I see the user experience thus: 1) I espy a word. 2) I blink once for LingQ widget. 3) wriggle my nose for the Google Translate definition 4) Left blink for the other dictionaries 5) right blink to copy/paste
6) Nod for tags 7) Whistle a C major for Tag 1, D for Tag 2 etc (we’ll have to just accept that creation of new Tags will be a challenge with this addon) 8) Then ululation to send to LingQ

If LingQ were to implement this, I would definitely get a Premium Membership!!!

@dooo - We’re working on that in our labs but it’s all hush hush so shhhhh…

Looks like I’ll have to turn this feature off…damn tourettes…

@dooo - It might not be an implant but Google is working on augmented reality glasses and they are due out this year no less, haha.

So after that comes out, maybe we just need a LingQ plugin? :slight_smile:

Edit: The glasses are due out by the end of this year. That’s even earlier than I originally posted!


Glad to see you guys are working on the doo’s LingQ retinal implant… of course such a device would require a CreateLingQ method in the API… just sayin’. :wink:

Well, if the glasses or retinal implants are linked to Google Translate, then we will be able to have any word that we read OCR’ed and instantly translated into our native language. That’ll save me a bit of effort with learning Japanese :wink:

But to tide us over until these glasses are commercially available, could we have a LingQ app where we can get out our camera phones and take a picture of the text that we want to import, then the app OCR’s the text in the picture and imports it as a lesson?

Yes, I would like to get the LingQ app, but it depends on a text quality. App OCRs do not work well, that’s why I have to type all the letters of texts before importing them.