A message from beyond?

When you finish a chapter of a Stephen King demonic possession story and your coin count is:


Paul, you should call a gunslinger (or John Sinclair?) and invite him / her into LingQ to take care of the demonic presence here :slight_smile:

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Peter: Good idea. John and Suko will have the mess cleaned up in no time.

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Once you’ve made note of that number popping up, unfortunately, you’ll probably start noticing it much more in your daily life. And you’ll wonder why you’re noticing it so often.

When I started my SUV today, I noticed it had 69669 miles. And, yes, I know that 6’s and 9’s together represent a fun Sodom and Gomorah type thing, but there are others who would say those numbers together are still evil because the 9’s are just inverted 6’s, like an upside cross or praying with your hands pointed down in homage to the red goat prince of lies himself.

I’m just glad the devil can’t understand French or Japanese, so I’ll always be one step ahead of him. Unless he takes a 96 day Speak from day 1 fluency challenge or something. Then I’ll be in trouble.

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“He speaks perfect English. I can tell you this with 100% certainty. He likely speaks all other languages too. He has had A LOT of time to learn them all.”

And I suspect he was thrown out of heaven because he was bored with divine “monoglottism”: polyglottism helps to create more gods, more confusion, more lies, etc. and is basically just more fun.

Nowadays, he probably has his own Youtube channel where he preaches that everyone can learn all 6666 languages on planet Earth by just doing “fluent in 66 days challenges” in a super-fun, super-easy, and super-fast way.

Where is the catch? Well, “A2” is not “C2”, and you only need ca. 1205 years to do all these A2 challenges.

However, the greatest “all time sage” of all “all time sages”, Donald Trump, would say that 1205 is “fake news”, and anyone using a calculator can only be someone who doesn’t want America to be made great again.

Therefore the Trump equation is:
(pocket) calculators are liberal, ergo diabolical, ergo un-American.

And that’s the slogan for the Trump campaign 2024:
Make America calculator-less again!

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I can still outfox him because I make so many mistakes and my pronunciation is so bad that I’ve fossilized into my own unique languages that he won’t understand without great difficulty.

He would like to tempt me but there are other low-hanging fruit candidates out there. I won’t pay him the $15 (minimum) per hour tutor fee to have the patience to listen to and understand me.

Only Jesus and I know my true wordless motivations and convictions. The devil can only read my thoughts and hear when I speak out loud, both of which are A1+ or A2-, which is painful to listen to.

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Yes, butchering our L2s might even scare the devil.
This is a good argument against improving our pronunciation in our L2s.

That’s a recommendation that should be added to the Bible:
“The road to paradise is paved with bad pronunciations” :slight_smile:


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