A Memorable Event in My Life (could you check it please?)

                                                                A Memorable Event in My Life

        My life is very simple, so I cannot think in a memorable event, maybe I think that the most memorable event that I have had is when I was six years old and my brother (when he was just twelve years old) had a terrible accident when he rode in his bicycle, and he got run over, but this is not the memorable part, the tremendous part was when he return to home with a broken arm and cover completely on blood and that was complete memorable for me because I was the first person of my family that saw him, so I was scared for my brother, but then I stared to think what a brave boy was my brother because in his age and with this accident not everybody return completely alone to his home and for me, this is memorable.

Angelooo, this website offers careful correction through tutors. They get paid in points for their pains. We normally do not correct each other within a forum. We tend to be self-directed learners. Your writing is good, even if the sentence is a bit long!

Have a look at the verb endings from ‘… the tremendous part was…’ onwards:

when he “return” home? … and “cover”? completely IN blood

… of my family that? or who? saw him. … but then I started (typo) to think

…because AT his age … not everybody return (?)

As you see, you’ve caught me in a good mood. You can check your tenses/endings for these verbs now yourself. Good luck with your studies!