A membership plan

I have a question and I hope to find a solution.

LingQ charge money for the basic membership from my account automatically every month. Now I want to change a membership plan to Plus or Premium. How can I do it? Do I have to downgrade or simply change the current plan for the next?

Go to the Account page and upgrade to whatever level you choose.

(If you have not already taken advantage of the ‘one-off 500 points free’ offer for upgrading, make sure to enter the code before you upgrade.)

SanneT, thank you for your replay. First I need to cancel previous automatic payment for the basic membership which charges every month. I use PayPal for payment. I don’t know how to cancel it.

Nasir, If you click on UPGRADE, it will be changed automaticaly, it means, your basic membership will be canceled and a new membership (premium or plus) will be added…just upgrade it and enjoy your new membership :slight_smile:

Yeees, thank you, Jarda. I’ve understood finally. :slight_smile:

Great Nasir :slight_smile: Do you fancy having conversations in English or having your texts corrected? :slight_smile:

My Basic subscription has just been renewed for one month. What happens if I upgrade to the Plus membership before the end of this month? How much would I be charged?

To upgrade or downgrade, go to the Account page and select your new membership level. When you upgrade or downgrade, your membership level changes right away. However, Points per month and Tutoring only change on your next billing date. You will be charged the fee for your new membership level on your next billing date.

If you click on account , there is a date your billing date. You will be charged at the time, because you paid already for the month ant the beginning of the period.

“Your next payment will be charged on …(in my case: August 08, 2010)”

Just a friendly advice…if you are in a section, you can click on HELP and there is always support for the section, for example:

I clicked on IMPORT, but I dont know how to do it, what it is about…well, I click on HELP and read everything about it.
It is with all section…including account, if you click on “account” and you dont know, just click on “help” as you are in “account” and you will see support for that section - everything is explained quite well.

Thanks for your “fatherly” explanations, Jarda! :slight_smile: I was aware of everything you mentioned, but apparently I didn’t read it carefully enough where it says “points per month and tutoring only change on your next billing date”.

mikebond…yeah, don’t worry to ask whenever you are not sure about something…Lingq is about community…everyone would like to give you an advice if they know.

““Fatherly” explanation” :smiley:
Yes, Jarda, I have an ambition to reach to an advance level by the end of this year. As an enthusiastic learner I want more conversations and more corrected writings :slight_smile:

Nasir: great, I wish you a lot of luck in your learning :slight_smile: