A lot of new content for the Portuguese area

This week, somewhat inspired, and with a little free time to spend, I could find and share a bunch of new Portuguese content into the library. I was fortunate enough to find a lot of interesting Creative Common resources and also to get some kind permissions of use that I intend to explore.
Here is the list:

  • A small collection on Brazil’s History
  • An article about a movie (“A rede à flor da pele”)
  • some short news
  • one episode of the “Escriba Café” podcast.
  • the begining of an interview about Amazon forest
    I hope you enjoy!

Ana, how can I be in touch with you about your content “Fábrica de maus professores”? Any email? LingQ should have a chat, hu?
Cristina (crisolinda)

Cristina, contact me at apblopes2002 at yahoo.com.br