A little problem... What do you think?

Hi Everybody. Recently, I thought in giving a break on LingQ or something like that. That’s because studying here became a little slow thing (I don’t have any intention in saying that LingQ is a bad site, no way). I’m with this problem since the new LingQ design update, when I used the copy the sentences with no problem (That’s because I prefer to use Anki, because I don’t like LingQs too much, he doesn’t put the complete sentence on the context, for example: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” turns into “The quick brown fox…”) so I asked for help and received an E-mail from the support, and they gave me a great help, but the problem now is another.

Studying Japanese, when I copy an sentence with the gave method by the support, the spaces still there, for example:

あれは車です。 (That’s a car).

In Anki with the copy method:

あれ は 車 です。

So I have to erase all of the spaces before analyzing carefully the sentences, a thing that gives me a little work.

I don’t intend to stop studying on LingQ, he helped me A LOT when I was a very Begginer on Japanese, a nice content font.

So what do you think?

By the way, the spaces between words is on OFF, and still the same.