A LingQ makes itself capital?


Recently this has been happening sporadically with certain lingQ’s.

The same has happened to me several times with a couple of LingQs. The only difference is that as for my LingQs only The First Letters Become Capital, not ALL OF THEM.

Thanks for the example pmilone. That also happens to me in that same lesson. Refreshing the page seems to fix the problem. At any rate, we will look into this.

@csontmadarka - Yours is a different issue. Sometimes, if the first time a word was imported into LingQ, it was capitalized, that is how it appears in the system since we don’t want duplicate words, one with the first letter capitalized and one without. It’s a minor issue that we may look at in the distant future…

yeah its not urgent but i think you should considering looking to it at some point, for most languages it probably doesnt matter but for german since nouns are always capitalized and the rest are not it can be confusing when a verb or adjective is capitalized :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the explanation.

I recently had a few LingQs capitalized as well. This has been an issue since I joined LingQ over two years ago, and it’s a bit annoying, but it’s not a huge problem, after all.

Is there a solution for this? It’s driving me crazy with German… it makes no sense. Why would the system override my manual edit!?

That’s an extremely old and frequent bug.

Haven’t seen the topic’s date first. Ah… whatever.

Old or not, I don’t care. I’m a new commercial user and this seems like quite basic stuff which is actually important in some languages.

@jernejk - We do recognize this as an issue but it is not an insignificant one for us to fix and we have not yet found the time to make the necessary changes to the system. We hope to get to it before too long. Thanks for your patience.

I know this is a dead horse but I’m gonna beat it anyway. Has there been any movement on this issue? I keep trying different things on my end.

Some tricks used to work, then they didn’t, then it was haphazard. Now nothing in my bag of tricks can change that darned LingQ German noun that IS capitalized when written.