A LingQ Facebook Group


I’ve asked Steve about this one and he has encouraged it, so I’d like to share it with the LingQ community. As you may know LingQ has a Facebook Page, which is great! But I was wondering if anybody would be interested in having a Group too? Meaning LingQ members could interact with each other and share things more easily with other LingQ members! If I have a enough support I think this would be a great thing to do!



I second this idea! I have been searching FB for groups that can help me in my language learning but to no avail. This would be a very useful tool for language learning motivation :slight_smile:

I’m with on this idea brother!.

While we don’t really use it for anything anymore, we did start a group way back when that can still be found here: Redirecting...

You’re more than welcome to use it to post stuff to share with other LingQ members and language learners :slight_smile:

@Alex: I think it is not clear at all, that this group belongs to LingQ. If you look at the posts it seems to be a group where people advertise for their language learning resources or websites.

By the way for German learners I’ve created a Facebook site: Learning German with LingQ. I started with a group years ago, but I deleted it and switched to a page for several reasons. I’m a “fan” of LingQ’s Facebook Page and that’s fine for me.

VeraI, I think he means to create the group with the heart and soul of the LingQ. Then such group will exist forever because it would be official, not the group of anonymous language learners.