A less-than-15-minutes "course" on how to use LingQ (in Portuguese)

before I go back to work, and have almost all my time and energy dragged by it again (rsss…), I decided to record a series of small texts that I had written aimed at helping people to get started to LingQ.
There are 10 small items, and the audios summed up about 14 minutes. I tried to use simple language, but I’m not sure a complete beginner could do it. Anyway, it is just a small attempt on trying to help people to understand how things work around here.
For the ones who are able to understand Portuguese (or would like to give it a try!!! rsss…), let me know what you think of it. Here is the link: Como usar o LingQ? - LingQ Language Library

I think this is a great idea. I always tell people I refer to the site to watch all of the demos, because the site has such a unique format. It would be great to be able to tell them to look for a tutorial like this.


I am going out now but my initial reaction is as follows.

  1. These are excellent.
  2. They are difficult for a beginner.
  3. Maybe we should offer this kind of tutorials by learners for learners in all languages. May be we should translate them, so that a learner could listen in the target language and read it the first time in his own language, just as we do with “Who is she?”
  4. I will look at them all more carefully tonight.
    Await opinions of others.

One note about the History of Brazil series. These are a little short for intermediate content. It might be better to combine a few.

In any case we think we will remove the restriction on the number of items people can keep in their Workdesk, in which case it may not matter so much.

I will write in more detail by email. The other content, the Cafe podcast, is excellent. Thanks for all you hard work!!!


  1. thanks!
  2. Yes, I suspected so. As I was preparing them, I realized they would be better used as you suggest in 3. But I couldn’t make them easier than that, or I wouldn’t be able to express my ideas.
  3. I totally agree.
  4. ok!
    About History: I just kept the original format. I personally prefer shorter items, I don’t feel very encouraged with long ones. Maybe keeping them short, some adventurous beginners could give them a try…
    You’re welcome. Unfortunatelly, this was a quite uncommon week for me, so I could take the time. My next contributions will be slower, for sure… rsss…

Hi, Jason.
I’ll be happy if my content work as an inspiration for similar initiatives…