A hesistation to study and live in San Francisco!

Hi everyone, How 's your learning-language going ?

I hate to break it but I have a problem. First let me tell u the beginning of my situation.

I have chosen San Francisco to study in a college called " city of college of San Francisco . " I chose the city because it has the best of both worlds- I heard that it has gigantic redwood trees , mountains and beaches . And I like the climate of San Francisco - relatively moderate temperature and precipitation.And the city is rich in diversity of ethnic races so I can learn their cultures and have their cultural food. And also because my favorite American teacher lives there . :slight_smile: , I can have access with him easily and we can be very close and best friends. He can introduce me to San Francisco and he can call me If he has any plan of doing something like hiking and walking in the "Golden Gate Park . " I am really excited just when I imagine meeting him and talking to him with confident English. Aren’t u excited too ??? It seems that the opportunities I would get from the city and the college is exciting . But I have a problem that precludes me from actually going there and undertaking my adventure in a foreign country. That is - San Francisco is an earthquake-prone city . Two powerful earthquakes have hit the city - one is about twenty years ago , and another is about 100 years ago. And I have to admit that I am a bit afraid because of this fact. Do you think I should try to proceed no matter what ? IF u were really me , what would u do ? Am I a bit childish ??

                                        ...Stuck and Hesitant...

You are afraid to go to San Francisco only because of earthquake!? Lol If you have a basic understanding of maths, then you should know that a earthquake happens in an average of 60 years. This is the probability theorema. Really, you shouldn’t worry about that. Just go there and do what you want to

Really ? An earthquake happens in probably 60 years ?? I didn’t know that .
I have this kind of chronic leg pain in the area of the side of my leg. So sometimes I am worried that "what if my leg can’t carry me and I am in pain , and the earthquake is happening , and I can’t reach the safety zone. " You know-that kind of thing . It is worrying me every once in a while.

So you mean , earthquake happens in 60 years after the last earthquake ??

Then , the last earthquake happened in about 1989 . So you mean, I won’t encounter earthquake If I go to San Francisco within this 60 years ,right ??

No earthquakes don’t occur in fixed intervals. In the next 30 years “the overall probability of a magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquake in the Greater Bay Area is 63%”.


Nevertheless, I think you shouldn’t be worried.

Don’t let the fear of something bad happening prevent you from experiencing the great things that life has to offer.

Well, I believe earthquakes are spontaneous, but science can preview it. How many people died in 1989?

@Sebastian_K : Thank you for providing the link. This information even makes me more worried. It is 63% probability - imagine that. I think I need to think of other locations where I will be living safely . :slight_smile:

@TomSito : About 4000 people were injured and about 45 people were killed as far as I can remember from what I have read.

There are diseases, plane crashs, floodings, hurricanes, thunderbolts, nuclear disaster, criminals, drunk drivers, coconuts falling from a palm ect. It’s an illusion that there is a place where you are 100% save. I wouldn’t have any concerns driving to San Francisco.

You are given the importunity to visit a city ranked as one of the most beautiful in the Americas, and you pass it up because it’s earthquake “prone”?

I would kill to be able to go to San Francisco. It’s one of my dream cities.
If there is an earthquake, you have some 99% chance of survival, welcome to the developed world. Where buildings are made of steel and building codes from strict government enforced bureaucracies. =].

You need to go and enjoy an awesome city.

Alex and Sebastian make good points. Life comes with danger, you never know when or where problems will hit, and it is a shame to avoid living and enjoying life, due to being afraid of any particular disaster in any particular place in any particular time.

There is also the difference between visiting a city and living in a city. I would not hesitate to VISIT San Francisco, and if I had an opportunity for an educational experience of limited duration (a few years) I would not let fear of earthquakes stop me. However, I would not choose to live there long term and that is because of the earthquake threat. In other words, I would plan on raising a family in San Francisco.

I have a friend who lived there her entire life, and then joined the earthquake task force. After learning the details of what would actually happen during the big quake which is expected at some time in the future, she was too nervous to stay, and she moved to an area of the country where earthquakes are not an issue. She was thinking mainly of the problems of being separated from her family by a big quake. She imagined the four of them in different parts of the city, unable to communicate and unable to find each other.

But someone who does not yet have a family to think about, does not have to worry about this. If you are ever going to go and study in California, it is great to be able to do so BEFORE you have a family to think about!

Thanks for your encouragement. I guess I have to have faith that if you are a good person, then bad fortune will not happen.

Well, we are going to die one day that’s a harsh reality no matter what we do. Be it 90 years or 20 years age does not matter.

It is all about changing your thinking . It is all in your head.

People live shorter but they enjoy their life to the fullest but some people live longer but spend their life like a burden on society.

Go and enjoy every opportunity that you have and you won’t regret your decision in the end.

Look at me, suicide bombings happen every third day in my country but I wake up daily, go to work and do my daily tasks just like my other country men.

It is a fact of life, money does not grow on trees and there is no free lunch, so people have no choice but wake up and go to work.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavors!

Thanks, asad100101, for your empowering courage . I will be going to San Francisco hopefully in January.