A guide to Scotland! - http://www.lingq.com/learn/en/library/courses/170513/

So, as you may know Scotland is having a vote to see if it’s people want to leave the UK. So since Scotland is grabbing the headlines quite a bit, I decided to make this course on my beautiful homeland of Scotland! Login - LingQ

I hope you enjoy.


You’re a Scot? I had no idea. Where are you located?

I will be coming back for the referendum. I can’t vote because I live in Austria. I guess you can’t vote either, unless your birthday is next week.

Glasgow! Naw, a canae vote :frowning:

Before we moved to London, I grew up in Pollockshields (the Asian part, not the rich part).

Hi Lewis
I can’t see any lessons in your course. You must share it so that we can see it. Now it is private.

I’ve shared it now, thanks for telling me!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: