A guide to British accents


Nuf said.

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Ohhh…groan…ohhh…er…I think I hate the sound of Poms now, LOL

She didn’t do the aussie accent, but I guess she couldn’t get all types of Brits in one video :smiley:

Oi! :slight_smile: Me not convict! LOL Btw, my ancestors emigrated from Germany in the 1800s. So technically, we’re not Prisoners Of Mother England (POME) or Prisoners Of Her Majesty’s Service ( POHMS). These days though, we just call Brits Poms or Pommies. Here’s some trivia: After complaints to the Australian Advertising Standards Board regarding five advertisements poking fun at “Poms”, the Board ruled (in 2006) that these words are not offensive. The New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority made a similar ruling in 2010.

So, we can keep making fun of the Poms:)~~

No Mancunian accent. I can fix that :slight_smile:

Never heard the word ‘Pom’. They didn’t use it on Neighbours.

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My first husband was a Pom…

So was my second …

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You made me actually laugh out loud then!!! :slight_smile:

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My 2nd husband is Dutch (only passive understanding of Limburger)…so he has to put up with all the Going Dutch, Dutch Treat, Dutch Uncle, Dutch Oven, Double Dutch etc jokes^^

Neighbours has to show itself to be politically correct. Even though officially not offensive, some ‘Poms’ may feel offended. Anyway, most episodes of Neighbours were made before 2006.

Did you ever get into them? I couldn’t stand that show, lol

God, you girls have both had two husbands already! I haven’t had one yet. Stop hogging all the men!!!


Here is for a Yorkshire accent.

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Even though they were all old farts, it was so damn funny! :slight_smile:

My daughter did for a time. I needed to watch to be able to talk with her about what she was watching.