A great Korean resource: Radio dramas w/ transcripts

I just discovered this; KBS Radio has audio drama podcasts available with transcripts you can copy and paste into LingQ.

There is one called KBS 무대 (so far I like this better because of the the way they do their transcripts)

Here is the link to the audio portion: ‎Apple Podcasts에서 만나는 KBS 무대

The transcripts for these can be found by clicking on the title of each episode here: KBS 무대 | 디지털 KBS

There is another one called 라디오 독서실

Podcast link: https://itunes.apple.com/kr/podcast/id698520690

Transcripts: click on titles of each episode here: http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/happyfm/library/aod/aod/index.html

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I guess theses have been out there all that time, I just didn’t know where to look :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, thanks for the info!

It’s definitely above my level—I’ve listened to only one so far and was doing well just to keep up phonetically with what they were saying, never mind the meaning. I get lost for one moment and suddenly they’re 5 paragraphs below where I thought they were, yikes!

But I love focusing on the flow of conversation like this, with the transcripts helping anchor those words that I do know as they come flying by. Very useful!

Yes, it’s definitely a challenge. I usually just go sentence by sentence, working along with the transcripts. If you’re just listening, without the written text, I find radio plays to be one of the hardest formats to tackle for a non native because the whole point of them is to get the story by understanding dialog nuances.

On the other hand, when transcripts are available, this format becomes one of the most interesting material for the same reason: it’s all dialog with lots of conversation nuance.

I’m having trouble getting these going. I cannot “open in iTunes” or click on the play within the website for the podcast - both tell me the server is not responding.

I can load the initial page with the episode listing just fine though.

Has anyone imported these into a LingQ course with audio?

It works fine for me on Mac and iPhone. Are you on a Mac, or PC? It should work either way. Try searching the show titles in the iTunes app.

Regarding the import: with large audio files such as podcasts and audiobooks, it’s not worth the hassle to upload the audio portion to LingQ if you ask me. I just upload the text itself, then listen to the audio on a separate device as I’m working through the text on LingQ. (You can manually update your listening stats on LingQ if you wanna keep track.)

Thanks for sharing it !Best regards from Brazil.

Thanks! -

I went ahead and put a few (eight) of these into LingQ. Not sure why this does not appear to show up when searched for but…

They get broken into parts by the LingQ upload system due to size, which also results in a like ~1 /100 words being cut in half etc, but if you can understand these podcasts more or less I think this is not a huge issue.

If anyone adds more (someone doing like 8-9월 episodes would be cool) / knows of a way to import these cleaner, please let us all know.

Very great resources so thank you for sharing.