A good way to imrpove your reading in German and French quickly ( Chrome translation to English feature )

I have found a good way to improve my reading skills in my German and French, and to tackle harder articles, which is totally based on the fact that Google offers a strong, accurate translation from/to English, German and French.

What I do is: I open the article in the targeted language, and then open next to it the same article and have it translated by the Chrome feature into English right away on the page, and then I will start reading and comparing both languages and acquiring new words.

It work wonders, just try it!

Hope it helps, thank you…

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Just tried it on a Le Monde article. You’re right.

I can only show one screen at a time though and am having to switch between the two.

Is there any way you can display the two screens side by side, do you know? You can do this in Word and Excel, maybe in Chrome too?

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Easy, this is regarding using the computer, I do not know about the Phone thing.

Open two whole different tabs, not the one next to each other.
So when you have two whole independent tabs, just click right on the desktop bar and choose show side by side, the two tabs will be side by side so you can read while looking at both.

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And If you’re reading the translated one, and select a paragraph, for example, the article in the original language pops-up, besides, you can suggest a better translation.

I tried English/French to Portuguese…and they’re good as well.

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Found it. Brilliant feature. But why only in the Translation page?
If you could click on a paragraph in the original language and see a translation, that would be perfect.

That’s Lingq…ehehe

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