A French Polyglot speaks 24 languages (Video)

Well we can see some of his study resources on the shelves behind him in the video! It looks to me as if most of our old friends are there: Assimil, Linguaphone, Teach Yourself, Living Language…and no doubt many others…

And who knows, maybe he uses LingQ aussi? :slight_smile:

I did not watch much of it. Does he say at any point what his levels are in these languages? His English and German sounded pretty good, and I am sure his French is functional, but what about the others? I guess he is A1 or A2 in a lot of them.

And he claims to be monolingual!

“Hi! In this video, I am practicing most of the languages I’ve studied so far. I am not very good at speaking many of them and actually I am not a ‘hyperpolyglot’ as one could expect in reading the title of the video. I am just a monolingual fond of learning various foreign languages. Your comments and suggestions written in various languages are very welcome. Thanks a lot!”

This is one impressive guy. Within the first couple minutes of the video I could tell that he just enjoys what he is doing. His skill is great, and his modesty is incredible.

Brilliant. The English and French was all I could understand but judging from the comments his other languages were spot on too.

His Spanish is solid. If he speaks all his languages as well as Spanish, I would be SUPER DUPER impressed. He’s legit.

I’ve got to admit that I’m impressed. I had to smile when heard him speak Latin, sounded very French to me. On the other hand it was the first time I’ve ever heard anyone speaking Latin (I learned Latin at school and I would sound different if I tried to speak). His German is excellent and he speaks all languages very clearly, at least the ones I more or less understand. For example, I understood what he said in Czech without having to look at the subtitles - which also means that he didn’t use difficult vocabulary as my Czech isn’t very good :-).

His French, Spanish and English were quite excellent. However, let me state the obvious - he memorized scripts, which became apparent in his Russian, and much more so for his Japanese, which he struggled with, and his Mandarin, which often had prosody issues in. Regardless, one has to reach a reasonable level just to be able to pull something like this off. Very impressive.

Yes, it’s still impressive even if he had just memorized a 28 minute long script. By the way, it isn’t that far a cry from what we’re doing as mere beginners (even natives), well maybe not deliberate memorization but putting together chunks of the language. Some topics reoccur more often than others, and if were interested in a certain field, that’s bound to come up as the topic of conversation. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked why I play Irish music (or how I got my job), and even if it’s not a story that takes me 28 minutes to tell, it’s more or less word-for-word identical each time. Being able to speak about how and why you learned a foreign language is probably something that many of us do now and then.

Most impressive, especially his Asian languages.

Inspirational. Very impressive and entertaining video!

It was incredible. I only speak four main languages plus a few more that I am learning, but even my third best language probably is not as good as the one he would consider his worst.

He is a LingQ member!


He wrote “Of course I had to write a script and to train on it. Unfortunately, in many of these languages, I am still far from from speaking them as fluently as in the video.” in the comment section though.

@Djvl “This is one impressive guy. Within the first couple minutes of the video I could tell that he just enjoys what he is doing. His skill is great, and his modesty is incredible.”