A few refinements to the Feed/Home/Library

You will notice a few small updates to the old Feed page. We thought it would be clearer to just call this this the Home page with your Recent Lessons and Recommended Lessons on it. We also renamed Search - Lesson Library to make it clearer what it is and relabeled the Library tab New Lessons. We hope this make things clearer for everyone. We were finding there was some confusion over the terminology from both New and Existing users.

As usual, let us know any thoughts.

Is it possible to exclude recent imports from the Feed (or Home) page? I think this setting may be useful sometimes.

Your recent imports don’t show in your Recommended Lesson feed but do show in your Recent Lessons. Is that what you mean?

I don’t mean my imports. I can see the lessons which were imported by other users and are not shared. Such lessons are marked with a word “Import”.
There is another important question about the imports. Does it mean everybody will be able to open my private lesson? Should I be careful importing documents related to my job?

Imports shown in the feed are lessons imported by other users that they have liked. If I import a lesson and like it, it will show in the feed. I will do this when I think other members will like this import of mine. It will only work when I have an image and an original url so that other users can go to the original text. It is also imported for that user at the same time. Your private imports will not be shared unless you like them and have an image and url.

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