A few issues

With this particular series of Lessons, I am hearing a rather pronounced and distracting sort of background noise… electronic sounding, although not like static, but quite distracting nonetheless. Add to this the fact, in my opinion of course, that the words in this and several other lessons, are being spoken entirely too fast and indistinctly for the Beginning Level student to hear the endings of words or determine the placement of stresses.

Next issue: With this series I have noticed that the Pause/ Play feature of the audio does not seem to function. Once you hit play, it goes on apace to the end, like a run-away freight train. In other lesson series, I have relied on the ability to pause at the end of a line or phrase, or even to back up by dragging the progress line, to repeat a troublesome phrase. One could also start the playback at any point, and not have to listen to all of it every time. None of these features seem to be working for me in this series.
I have opened up a previous series where the feature had worked… and it still works there… Just not in the Letters to Japan series.

Feedback appreciated, Misha