A different tutor for each language?

I’m focusing in my English right now, but today I was just wondering to start reviewing my French. So I’ve picked some French lessons to start with. My question is if I can have an English tutor for my English and a French tutor for my French. In my profile (which I suppose is general) I can see my English tutor, and if I try to change the tutor when I’m in the “French interface” I can choose among French tutors, but I don’t know if selecting a French tutor will overwrite my “English tutor”. It is possible to have a different tutor for every new language?

Hello :slight_smile:
For now, it’s not possible to have a tutor for several languages. If you choose a French tutor, you’ll no longer have an English one. So you have to make a choice.
However, what is great now is that when you write a text, you can choose by which tutor you want it to be corrected. Therefore, it’s like you practically choose one tutor and choose another one virtually :wink:
If ever you want to keep your English tutor, when you submit writings in French, pic your French tutor to correct them. You can also let him/her know about your choice.
By the way, I’m a French tutor and I hope you will enjoy your French learning :slight_smile:

I just remember that I spoke with you in one of Allison’s discussions :slight_smile: I hope we will speak one day in French as well…

Thank you Marianne for your answer!!
Yes, if we can choose who will correct the writings is more or less like having a tutor, that’s right! I know you’re a French tutor here, indeed I wanted to choose you like a tutor when I thought that it was possible to take a different tutor for each language, but by the moment, my main learning efforts are focused in English.
But yes, of course, I’d like to talk in French one day. I used to be fluent in French maaany years ago, because I lived a year in Toulouse, but I haven’t spoken French for the last 8 years, so now it’s a bit rusty!! That’s why I wanted to start learning French again, specially for the writing, which was never one of my best point, so imagine after 8 years without studying!!!

Une autre suggestion pour vous deux: Est-ce serait possible d’avoir deux profiles, comme deux identitiés, un pour chaque langue? Moi, j’aime d’avoir le français comme mon langue maternale, mais quand je fais des choses en espanol, ça me fait confus un peu. Juste pour en penser. Bonne chance avec vos étudies. Et je m’excuse mes erreurs en français.