A Diary?

I wish I had kept a diary of my starting Swedish from scratch in February.
Has anyone kept a record of sorts of their starting from scratch the LingQ way to Intermediate level, or beyond, in any language? And if so, have you used it to help you with learning a further language? (I have read Steve’s book, but am looking for something more immediate - could it be used as a success story for the site, perhaps?)

Maybe I’ll try that. I just started Swedish in November. Even though I am slightly familiar with Norwegian, I found Swedish (confession time) lol funny when I started listening to it. Maybe it was vague memories of the Swedish chef on The Muppet Show. Anyway, I got over that in a couple of days. Then I started listening and getting addicted. Wow, I like this language. It’s very soothing. Then I started noticing a lot of this. Gosh, this is like English with a different spelling. This is practically Norwegian. Wow, this is almost German. Whoa, what’s that word. I’ll have to find a way to remember it. Anyway, that’s my journal for two or three weeks of Swedish.

Maybe I’ll send it to Helen for punctuation. Aaack!

A diary of sorts without punctuation is better than no diary at all! Yes, I agree. Hearing Swedish produces nice fluffly feelings. I’m looking forward to being able to read lots of dark, threatening Swedish thrillers.