A couple of problems specifically with German

I have been using the android app for a few months now, and on the whole it works pretty well. However, for some reason, when in single sentence mode it will not translate the sentences into English. It works fine in Spanish.

And more generally it would be great if when reviewing words, German nouns were capitalized


Is there a specific lesson you can point to that this happens for you? For the most part I have no issues with German and single sentence mode on the android app. The times I see it have trouble are when there are some quotation marks with multiple sentences. Sometimes multiple sentences appearing in sentence mode seem to cause issues, or may take longer for it to pop up the translation due to processing time.

If it’s a lesson you imported you might try resplitting the text, particularly if you find in single sentence mode it is putting more than one sentence together.

Thanks! I am reading a non-fiction book, many of the sentences are very long. So I waited and the translations do appear, but it can take3 - 5 minutes for it to appear. And as you say when quotation marks are included it seems to not want to translate the sentence at all.
I am a bit reluctant to try resplitting the text as it’s 90 parts in total.

I just tried some other lessons and as you say, no problems. So thanks for that.

Although it won’t give the easy “pop up” translation, you could highlight the phrase/sentence, “Add Lingq” and then send it to deepl dictionary. I think the easy pop up “translate” is from google translate. Obviously adds a bit of time to the quick translate button in sentence mode, but it is the way I go if nothing pops up.

Thanks I’ll try that and see how it goes. I’ve got another 80 pages of the book to read… Have a nice Sunday!