A couple of (my personal) pain points with LingQ

In account settings, I’ve specified my native language being Russian, but I did not really expect UI to be in Russian, especially with such a literary translation. I’d rather switch the whole UI into my target language to force myself to learn and use it. This is what I always do with my Mac OS X, and would suggest everyone to try. It may be very dramatic with non-Indo-European languages though. Even though approach LingQ takes is fine for vast majority of people out there, I still wanted to share this.

Another thing that really bugs me is minus sign or hyphen being used where dash or even em dash should be used. This is a shame for web sites in general, but this is three times the shame for a language enthusiasts community with paid content & services. I mean, would you like your kid to learn a language with a teacher who does not care about punctuation at all? One doesn’t have to be genius to make that improvement.

Hi Michael,

You can certainly change your Native Language to match your target language, many of our members do. You can still leave your dictionary language set to Russian. Both settings are found on the Settings page, of course. :slight_smile:

As for the hyphen, I’m not exactly sure where you mean but I hope you will help us eradicate those pesky minus signs!