A cool little browser tool for language learning

I don’t know about yah but sometimes I get so tired of copying and pasting something and putting it in a translator when I’m on other sites than LingQ to read articles. One thing I love about lingQ is the fact that you can just click on each word and see the definition without doing the whole copy paste ordeal.

What I was doing with these articles before is importing them onto LingQ but I kind of got tired of doing that after every little article I wanted to read into. I still do import into lingQ but only certain things. I’ve discovered this add-on for Google Chrome (also one for Mozilla Firefox) that basically allows you to click on a word on any site and it will translate it to whatever language you’d like in a small little pop-up kind of like what you can do here on LingQ.

This comes in so handy when you trying to just read something real quick and you don’t want to be bothered going back and forth between a translator. I do still like using lingQ though for those longer articles.

Here’s the video that showed me how to do it, the add-on for google chrome is called “Google Dictionary.” The add-on for mozilla firefox is “Wiktionary and Google translate”


Is that not similar to the LingQ Chrome Extension where you can do your LingQing on whatever website you are reading?

I used an iPad app called tap translate a while ago that does this. It is pretty cool, though I prefer to just import the stuff into LingQ.

Maybe, but I find the LingQ Chrome Extension unusable.

This add-on is very handy and unobtrusive. Maybe a useful LingQ browser extension would be to do just what this does, plus, whenever you look up a word, in the same popup that shows its definition, show its status in your LingQ account and allow you to create a LingQ or change its status.

Just found this. Thank you!

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