A bug with streaks

I have being experiencing third day problems with streaks.
One day I made streak.
Nextday I found out the streak from yesterday disappeared.
Third day (today) I found out yesterday streak disappeared again and coins from yesterday moved to current day and also appeared streak from first day back but count of streaks wasn’t fixed. So I am again starting from behinning even though I was doing those days streaks. It’s pretty frustrating and demotivating. Please, can you look at this? Thank you.

I fixed your streak. Do you have the correct time zone selected on your Profile?

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Thank you so much. Yes, I have Brazilian as I moved to Brazil. Even remaining time for streak on web site shows correct time. Maybe problem is with mohile application as those steaks I accomplished on mobile. Yesterday I accomplished 100 coins by listening playlist but when I look today to statistics, those heared minutes where counted for today. Is it possible that the mobile application didnt registered my change of time zone which I did approx 1 month agou?

Could be. I’ll look into it.

Thank you for looking at it.
And today I experienced this bug also on web site. I started today streak more than 40 minutes before midnight, even counter was showing over 40 min to go, but for Friday and Thursday was already X so I again lost all of my streaks. So it is not just mobil app. So the count down counter counts time properly bud for wrong day from certain hour of the day.
Could you fix my streaks again, please?
Thank you.

@galilean4 Sure, fixed.

Hello Zoran,
several days I was avoiding the bug by finishing my streak before 21:00. Then when I was setting my tutor prifile I found out I have no time zone set. Neither original Czech nor Sao Paulo. So I guess it was by default GMT time which would explain 3 hours shift… So I set the Sao Paulo time but this time the time for streak finished 1 hour before Sao Paulo midnight. The count down counter was showing correct remaining time. In Brazil there is no more shift between summer and winter time. Can be this reason why Lingq finished my day 1 hour earlier? As I made required 100 coins before Sao Paulo midnight, can I ask for fixing the streak count, please?
Thank you.

I fixed your streak, no problem.

Would you mind fixing my streak as well? I fixed my timezone, etc,

Thank you Zoran. I guess I still have to make sure, that I finish the streak before 23:00. Or was that issue fixed as well. Thank you.

@jeffholoman Did you maybe change your Daily goal?

Not that I’m aware of.

Here’s what happened. It said my streak was broken last evening. I dismissed this fix it pop up (not thinking about.) saw that my timezone was utc. Changed it to us eastern, streak fixed but daily progress reset. Said I had an 11 day streak. That was all last night before midnight. Opening the app on my phone today and it said the streak was 1 but no missed days.

Can you check what is your current Daily goal and let me know?

Thanks Zoran. It’s showing me 400

Thanks, we will look into it.

thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it.