A British flag on my profile

Hello everyone. I just returned from a long week vacation. Now I am back to my old but refreshed rutine including language learning at LingQ. I noticed that everybody has a British flag on their profiles, including mine. I read most of forums but didn’t see any previous comments on this. Is someone letting us know that England has a good chance wining the World Cup? or is it that our friends from England are paying big bucks for this publicity? Personally, I don’t mind at all. I am just curious how this came to happen. By the way, I just came back from London and enjoyed it very much.

It’s a known problem: http://www.lingq.com/learn/es/forum/3/6120/

We’re sorry for the continuing issue. In fact, we are not deliberately throwing our support behind any team in the World Cup! It is showing based on your own native language. We will have this resolved tomorrow when we upload our latest updates.