A Bo-ah of Wo-ah

How do you British folk even derive words out of that? I have a theory and I’m gonna conduct an experiment!

Please, listen the audio and comment what you’ve just heard.

“I took her all the way back from the other side of the estate”? Could be something about “talked” and “state/stay” tho.

Fully agree, Russian Sir. These British accents heavy on glottal stops, while still trying to fake a posh RP in most features are a hideous listening experience. Glottal stops for Ts seems to be an ugly, lazy speech habit seeping through the British casts from lower to higher. Though I think there is also a regional south-eastern aspect to this.

These two analysts are golden:
Gavin McInnes: England’s class system & the Manchester attack

Making Sense of the British System of Social Class

I can enjoy listening to a genuine working class Brit speaking in pure Footballhooligan. Reversely, these middle class snobs, who LARP at being smart in every other respect, while still swallowing their Ts are a bit comical. Seems to me obvious and easy enough to fake, yet I seem to hear these fake posh, glottal stop RP speakers ever more often.

Maybe there is a subject of Her Majesty Elisabeth von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, who can give an inside perspective to us baffled outsiders.

Слава, брате!

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Me: Please, listen the audio and comment what you’ve just heard.
British people from higher to lower classes:

That is the highly informative comment, I like it. Thank you!

Maybe there is a subject of Her Majesty Elisabeth

Yeah, I’ll reveal the transcript of the audio piece after awhile, I hope some British Sir’s gonna come in to our baffled party :slight_smile:

I read Kate Fox’s ‘Watching the English’ a long while ago. Highly recommendable and applicable to a lesser extent even to other societies. Much on these class-specific sociolects and outward lifestyle markers (satellite dish) etc.
This “What? vs WHA?” horseshoe theme of working and upper class sharing some affinities more with each other, and the middle class being full of pretense (“sorry” “pardon”), while clueless, I faintly remember comes up multiple times.

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There it is freely available:

Inspired by the commandment of humour, I’ll give two nuggets of language wisdom learned at age 15 on a Scotland school trip from our decidedly working class, jolly English coach driver, to the dismay of our teachers:

A male needing to use the loo should say: “I’ll go shake hands with the unemployed.”
Excellent self-deprecating humour, calling yourself an incel.
Then once your incel status changes, and you got as lucky as to perfom the gentlemanly duty of orally pleasuring a lady friend at her nether regions, you may boisterously report this to your mates in the pub by saying:
“I had a fish-supper last night.”

I remember it to this day, hehe.

Oh, if it weren’t for the dictatorship of Saint Koroona, I would gladly travel to Cloudy Island and be a misplaced, singing, foreign goofhead in the Feisty Goat Pub with some working class ma’es:

P.S.: No British Sirs yet on this slow forum…

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I guess, these nuggets is already the cross-cultural wisdom of 4chan related forums. How old was the coach driver and what was the year?

Oh, I remember that masterpiece of Vinnie Jones and it makes me wonder, didn’t I fail when I proposed a bo-ah of wo-ah instead of a pin’ of be-ah?

At the risk of revealing my secret age of 28, it was the year 08 when I was 15, and the jolly coach driver at that time was a venerable ancient of 35-40 winters. He was like an English Homer Simpson.

I just remembered, to spite our flustered teachers he also taught us

first base = snogging
second base = groping - having a fish-supper
third base = segzytiiime all the way

which is universal wisdom now as well I guess.

I haven’t visited this ominous 4chan site once, though the online shrieks of it being “far-right” etc. lead me to suspect, that there are probably some very good and reasonable chaps there.

Ah, but one of the many joys and secrets of language learning and travel is of course, that one can mask their slight Aspergers and social maladjustment, by being but a ‘crazy foreigner’.

Borat’s Guide to Britain Complete Series

An inspiration. Though in my own travel escapades the roles were sometimes boratesque Tommy shocking reserved natives (China) and sometimes reversed with the natives being more boratesque (Brazil, Colombia, Lebanon) and myself being the awkward, stiff Englishman.

I think should I ever return to Cloudy Island, I’ll gender-self-identify as Ali G and go with a lovely Caribbean/African accent.

Classic Ali G Show - Best moments

Comedy was always my first adress when starting recon of a new language. As the saying goes: Many a truth is said in jest.

By Homer Simpson, I meant of course lovely classic Homer, not jerka$$ Homer.

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If that elusive Bri’ish Sir had come on the thread claiming to be from “Eenglnd… haaaww” we should have hit him with: “…where?”

Russell Peters making fun of england


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Russell Peters - Show Me The Funny Full Video

England joke at 10:20

I used to have a Jamaican-American buddy, very intelligent, who lived in Vienna, and was also learning Swedish. From his trips there he was convinced that Scandinavian people are simply a gorgeous bunch of male and female supermodels walking the streets, right out of magazine covers.

His hypothesis on the unusual Swedish model-looks, and unusual British uhm… looks, was that the good old Vikings on their virgin-raids in England had always abducted the hot sister and left the rough sister behind like “…uh, never mind, YOU can stay.”

Oooff, that’s a heavy one. But I swear that was his theory! hehehe)

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Well, the phrase in the audio is: I had to walk back from the other side of the estate.

But I believe my scientific assumption is right and Brits don’ give a shi’ abou wha others say, wha they say and whether it’s understandable or not…

This is a confusing difference between English and Russian for me. None of Russian dialects have some casual attitude to consonants and overall clarity of words in sentences.

Though, we have some stuff that makes no sense to everyone else, such as “да нет, наверное” :slight_smile:

Bri’s don’ give a shi’ abou’ wha’ avvaz say, wha’ dey say and wevva i’z undastehn’abbe oh no’.

Non-rhoticity dropping Rs and then dropping Ts on top! If they continue swallowing consonants, they’ll need consonant donations from us brotherly Slavs and Germans))

Well only our brothers from the glorious borderland of Kievan Rus, when they not razmovlyayut, then mostly go in for some hovorit’ing, innit. This Ukrainian H for G may be comparable. Though I think it may have originally been an H in general Slavic and changed to a G in North-Russian.

They explain to me that, while pure Russian and pure Ukrainian are well regarded, the only thing that makes you a gopnik prole is mixing features in any degree of Surzhyk. For them a status marker is mostly just keeping the two apart.

But of course in Russia proper even the gopniks speak like Master Dostoyevsky, with only a few sooookablya’s thrown in for good measure. :PPP

Excuse my French. And sorry for scaring away the Brits :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite Russian word is: liberast (liberal + pederast). You guys know what’s up! Keeping it real.


Lest anyone think I don’t like our phonetically handycapped Bri’ish friends, I have to insist that I like you rough-looking basterds very much! And yes, besides Scotland, I have been to Londonistan on two occasions.

No joking. Back when I was a humble sergeant going for runs with the company’s “(PhysEd) performance group one” in Schönbrunn palace gardens,

Garde - Ehre und Pflicht - Repräsentation und Einsatz - Best of ET 7/17 - 1. Gardekompanie

whenever oblivious tourists by the pack would come up ahead in the path of my good men, I would sometimes even yell at top lungs nothing other than: “MAAAKE WAAAY FOH THE QUEEN’S GUAAHD!!!” to have them scatter like roaches.


Gotta wonder what’d happen, when a guard would ‘accidentally’ justifiably smack down a tourist subhuman, face to asphalt. Would the guardsman get in trouble when the lawsuit/complaint lands on Her Majesty’s desk? Or would Her Majesty, in case of doubt, stand by Her noble protectors and say: “Ah. One is terribly sorry. One is afraid there is nothing We can do about that.”
crumples paper and throws into rubbish bin

Anyhoo. No matter that Her Majesty’s son Andrew is most likely one of the people who totally didn’t suicide Epstein, and no matter that Her grandson Henry Redbeard The Dupe Of Sussex married a very pretty, though three years older divorcee, with +2 failed extramarital fornications and obvious narcissistic personality disorder.

But enough speaking of narcissism. As the Swedish internet philosopher and self-proclaimed demigod ‘The Golden One’ once said: “I don’t like to talk much about how great I am, because of my boundless humility.” :PPPPP
What an understanding of English humour by that bloke! :wink:

English mates, as repentance for my impudence, please accept this encouraging video message. Remember, when things are not going well at home with the rough ladies, you can always geomaxx and buy the old wife from lower rent countries.

Why Are English Men So Unbelievably Attractive to Foreign Women?

My dear Angli, Saxones and Iutes! From the brotherly tribe of Baiuvarii, I bid farewell and tally-ho!

To Her Majesty’s health! Long live the Queen! Cheeahs!

By now you’ve already scared away everyone, including Steve. They’re even developing the entirely new LingQ 5.0 that is without you)

LOL. The entirely new lingQ 5.0 will be without MY EUROS if they cancel classic view and only leave this awkward chunky 4-sentence mode.

Then I’ll have to ask BRATE Zoran to cancel my premium, since nobody seems to be able to figure out how to downgrade without bothering the good man here on the forum.

The mobile apps are ok, and Lord Steve in his upper middle class manor is pacified with an iPad doing slow intermediate Arabic Turkish Persian lingqing.

However, without a large tablet and going in for advanced languages the only civilized option is the web interface.

P.S.: @ Zorane, brate.
We love our many Serbislav Bratanovic in Vienna. ;))