90 days challenge deadline


I’ve signed up for the 90 days challenge in english about two months ago and maybe I’m stupid but I cannot find the deadline anywhere, and I’d like to know it, as I’m close to the end and I need to see how much time is left.

Could you please tell me where to find it?

I don’t think there is a place where it is posted. As far as I know, you have to go back through your wall posts until you find the one announcing your entrance to the 90-day challenge and add 90 days. At least that is what I did for my 90-day challenge. I hope I am wrong:)

It seems to me that it would be very helpful to have the deadline appear somewhere near the stats.


I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with this!

We’re building a new page to house the challenges, though in the meantime you can count 90 days from when you first signed up (a post is created on your profile on the day that you sign up for the challenge).

If you want to know the specific date, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for your answers, I’ve checked my debut date and I still have about four weeks to go.
I will have a lot of listening to do but thankfully, I’m on holidays tonight :wink:

A page to host the challenges would be helpful, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

That would be pretty amazing!

For my 90 Day Challenge, I just kept track on my own with a calendar. However, I also did it last year with SteveK, when he was doing his 90 Day Korean challenge. Jan15 to April 15 if I recall